Smiling for a Reason

ImageEverybody can fake smile but not everybody can tell a fake smile. We fake smile whether it’s directed to somebody you don’t like or you’re trying to hide the pain. Recently I’ve been enduring a really messed up stage in life -that I rather not talk about- which honestly changed my normal, average life to a living hell. Now because that that, I’m no longer a happy child.

But people have to know that God is up there and looking after you, even through it doesn’t feel like it. I found something that made me forgot about the sad parts in life for a mere moment and that was a family of birds perched up in a tree.


Oak Trees and Leaves


Good morning Spring ! I’ve never really liked the season Spring, I’m more of an Autumn’s person but today when I saw the school’s oak tree, I could see just little leaves popping out of the branches and it really looked amazing. Spring is known as the time for rebirth and changing, and when I saw the leaves poking out, I understood why Spring is named for regrowth.

I might take a picture of the school’s oak tree, I’m not even sure we are allowed to bring cameras anyway, I don’t like taking pictures through phones or tablets, just cameras. I hope (I’ve been saying that a lot haven’t I?) that you all have a great day, remember Spring is the time for resurrection.

– Michelle

Sometimes I feel Alone


I feel alone. The type of feeling that you just want to talk to someone who understands the way you feel. The type of feeling where nothing matters anymore. The type of feeling where you feel insecure about everything. I hate that feeling. Why did we have to get born to have feelings? That’s what I ask about everyday, the feelings of jealousy, the feelings of hate, the feeling of hurt. The feeling of thinking that everything you say would be wrong and you just ending up saying sorry.

But sometimes some people can understand, it’s hard to find those kinds of people, I still haven’t found that person yet, eventually I hope I will.

– Michelle

My Laptop Broke …


Hasn’t it been a long time? Sorry, I had nothing to talk about (-_-#) Just as the title says, my laptop broke, now it’s been sent out to be fixed which will take like 4-6 days ! To me that’s a pretty long time without my beloved (T_T) I will miss it, and sorry for the messed up bubble, I can’t draw on a computer…

If you ask, I’m using my step- dad’s laptop and I can’t download anything so a long time without minecraft (yes I play that, it’s addicting) and Skype, (I’m mature enough to not talk to strangers.)

So bye, I hope I’m not the only one without the strange addiction with being with my laptop (^-^)

– Michelle