It’s my birthday today and I’m feeling extra happy ! This is the first birthday party I had after a long time and it was joyous. The only birthday presents I had was money, which I’m very happy about. It’s nice to hear the horrible singing or ‘Happy Birthday.’

– Michelle


Vietnamese Proverbs

I absolutely adore Vietnamese proverbs ! Mainly because I’m Vietnamese (no it’s not Nguyen) but they always have a real meaning, isn’t that what proverbs are meant to do ?

A Drop Of Blood is Better than a ocean of water.

It means the bond of those related by blood is stronger than the bond of marriage or friendship.

– Michelle

I Try

It’s a little rusty but as cliche as it sounds, it came from the heart. I don’t really like writing poems because I want to become a novelist and enjoy longer stories. Enjoy, through.

I try,
I try so much,
I try to be a better person,
I try to be okay,
But why doesn’t nobody see that?
I wonder,
Is life worth living,
If what others see me as a monster?
I wonder,
Am I really that dislikable?
I’m done,
I’m done trying.

– Michelle

Writer’s Block


Who hates writer’s block ?! I loathe it. The term writer’s block means for somebody who is stuck in writing something which seems to happen to me too many times. At least when writer’s block is taking a vacation, you can write with ease.

– Michelle

Minimal is Best

Less is more. The simplest of things could mean a whole lot. I don’t know who thought that squashed and oversized ideas or images could be better. I’ve taken quite a liking to minimalistic art and I hope it becomes more popular because it’s truly beautiful. I’ve made a minimalistic book cover for somebody on the website wattpad.com.

Please give some feedback !


– Michelle